Opportunity Statement Generator

The Opportunity Statement Generator is a free tool invented by Lauren Rielly that grounds and aligns your thinking around your public relations opportunity. It's the first section of the Opportunity Designer and it helps you:

  • transform ideas into a public relations opportunity
  • know which public relations opportunities to run with
  • keep a centralised database of your ideas

Getting to the world stage: What it takes to produce a world-class PR campaign in 2016

Get the background and execution plan you need to get world-class publicity in this 60 page public relations preparation guide. It includes campaign tools, assets and the sequence that allows you to own the global stage.

  • Know what makes a world-class campaign
  • Avoid time, money and reputation disasters
  • Start building your own world stage

Lauren's Startup Toolkit

Quickly decide which tools to use to build your campaign assets by accessing over 50 digital tools Lauren personally uses. Save hours researching and thousands of dollars as most offer free access.


Opportunity Designer

The Opportunity Designer is an entrepreneurship productivity technology that produces draft documents to catalyse conversation and drive execution. In hours rather than weeks, create your opportunity profile, landing page, biography, personal website structure, speaker profile, event schedule and invitations, high level deal documents, free product signup pages, responses to media call outs, email sequences, executive summary, social content and other marketing and deal collateral. 

  • Command high value transactions
  • Take the world stage
  • Establish your legacy