The diverse communities from which I have clients and partners have been grouped to help shape perspective and context.


Lauren is one of the most passionate startup facilitators I’ve met. Her get stuff done capacity and her ability to connect with people, technology and opportunities is world class. She is a pivotal player in the Australian startup ecosystem.
— Rand Leeb-du Toit, transformational coach, former venture capitalist
Lauren is a high energy and driven entrepreneur who founded - a company I ended up investing into because of her passion.
— Domenic Carosa, entrepreneur and investor
Lauren is a sharp and articulate business women. She always is well researched and thought full about her Business ventures and is a good social networker who wants to put back to society where ever she can.
— Lee Jabara, Principle at Southbank Capital


Too few people understand the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship and how to help people practice entrepreneurship. Lauren does.
— Prof. Kevin Hindle, world leading researcher in entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurial context, entrepreneurship education and Indigenous entrepreneurship
I have worked with Lauren as a sessional lecturer, and as an informal advisor on her business ventures. Lauren has a rare talent for identifying the repeatable components and linkages of business venturing and codifying them as intellectual property that can be made available to others. She has a unique and creative mind and her hunger for learning and passion for educating others is both refreshing and inspiring.
— Dr Susan Rushworth, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Swinburne and Consultant in opportunity evaluation
Lauren has high energy and it is infectious. If you can get her on your team - things will happen. I have not hesitation recommending her as someone who gets things done.
— Dr Stephen Spring, Executive Director at LockTec Pacific Pty Ltd



Lauren is a true visionary with the rare ability to turn ideas into action with blinding speed. She senses opportunities both intuitively and through rigorous analysis concurrently. One of her greatest talents is the ability to envision who is needed to create the team that will make an opportunity work and to overcome the problems of getting it from concept to capital. She also the ability to see what opportunities people have in themselves and naturally surrounds herself with those that connect in ways that make new and powerful networks. She is an unrelenting Entrepreneur, with leadership and venture creation skills that belie her years. She is a self sufficient survivor against challenging odds, and always has the energy to inspire the people around her to be their best. Lauren is the person you want by your side, or at your table when you are facing ill-defined challenges. A natural speaker and networker who can join the dots that create value out of even the most misunderstood opportunities. Lauren sees far into the future, no matter how foggy or rough the terrain.
— Conan Young, CEO & Founder of The ADHD Alliance


Lauren’s instinct for finding and supporting start-ups with potential is amazing, and the way she is able to match entreprenuers with business angels and others vital to start-up success, makes her a fantastic partner to work with when you’re just starting out.
— Bill Jarrard, Imagineering Outcomes at Mindwerx International
Lauren is full of energy and passion. She is always overflowing with ideas and the great thing is that she pursues and executes them. A remarkable woman with a deep entrepreneurial spirit.
— William Lye, Barrister, Entrepreneurship Lecturer and Ambassador at Australia Day - Victoria
Lauren’s dedication and energy are truly remarkable. I expect her to be successful and to carry her associates to success with her.
— John Legge, Information Strategy Planning and Management Consulting
I first met Lauren in 2007, at Swinburne University. Since then, we have built a business relationship and have worked on a number of start-up projects together. Lauren is extremely creative, insightful and has a “knack” of pulling teams together to develop ideas and projects. I believe, she has the personal formula to build a number of successful enterprises.
— Tobi Nagy, Commodities Trader, Business Strategist & Mentor, Social Entrepreneur & University Lecturer


I have known Lauren for some years now, and have been impressed with her consistent ability to ‘jump start’ short or long-term projects and with the suite of skills she brings to all endeavours. She has demonstrated tenacity and insight, along with a goal-oriented manner that I admire in any businessperson. She is responsive to individuals - energetically moving forward (often in parallel) necessary actions. She has multi-faceted talents, and should not be categorised I believe as only able to function in one or two industries. Personally, Lauren can be frank when needed, (thankfully), even with herself, and is creative and individualistic in seeking solutions to issues. However, she seeks out academic and practical learning, systems and processes, to constantly improve her abilities. Lauren has boundless energy and I feel is an asset to teams undertaking in particular, complex tasks, or working within challenging markets.
— Karen Marie Arvidsson, Strategic Foresight practitioner & Futurist, supporting creative leadership & innovation
Lauren has been a real inspiration and loyal friend throughout the course of her business career. I have always been intrigued by her extensive marketing background, even before she became a lecturer at Swinburne University. I would expect that Lauren’s career will continue to thrive, and that she will continue to serve in a similar capacity; through good communication, temperament, and her infectious charismatic manner.
— Aaron Goldschlager, high growth global entrepreneur
Lauren is GREAT thinker with a fresh and enthusiastic approach to business. Lauren has often provided a great sounding board for new business models and growth opportunities.
— Simon Crean, CEO at Shoply Limited
Lauren is a focused, intuitive and practical operator with the capacity to work from both perspectives of founder and investor. She’s capable of seeing the big picture developmentally and financially whilst helping to push along with practical, day-to-day operational tasks. She’s good with issues, crisis, problems, challenges, “disasters” - but she usually sees them coming before they get big. She’s great at seeing opportunities an putting the right people together.
— Jenny MacKinnon, Founder of Report Machine
Lauren is the energizer-bunny of entrepreneurs. A dynamo bursting with ideas, she has done the hard yards having started and exited several businesses, and is now turning her skills to helping other startups. Her extensive network and tool-chest developed over time make her an invaluable resource to help startups get over hurdles and help identify & focus on the important tasks their businesses need.
— David Werdiger, technology entrepreneur, strategist, telco & subscription billing guru, pricing expert, writer, public speaker
Lauren and I were studying eCommerce together for our master degree in Swinburne AGSE(Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship). She and her team had successfully designed a brand new and creative business model and infrastructure for their start-up business which was presented in a very engaging and entertaining way on the due date.Also, Lauren is a very delightful person to connect with and a good listener who is able to bring in constructive dialogue and discussion in contributing a goal as a whole.
— Raymond Wang, Senior Strategic Sales and Business Development Manager
Our group has nothing more to add to a magnificent international collaboration between people in two continents.

Perhaps this would be one of our last correspondence, and before we part and say “good bye” I would like to take this opportunity and say that i enjoyed this subject immensely.

Though I felt frustrated at times, mainly because of technology, this was the one subject that I enjoyed the most. Perhaps because it was so unconventional (don’t forget that I’m old and my daughter is almost of your age) but mostly because it unleashed my imagination. I enjoyed the group project immensely- it was the best experience that I had in all the subjects that I studied as part of my Masters degree, now that I’m almost finished. It will remain a memorable experience, the best that I had as a student.

I was very doubtful when I started that it will never work. I don’t believe in virtual reality, and for me things are still in black and white and have shapes and forms :-) But what you achieved here, it’s hard to describe, except for a metaphor: you have restored the vision into the blind-man’s eye (or woman) :-))

If ever you have a doubtful student on your hands, and they give you grief, don’t hesitate to send them to me. I promise to convert them :-))

Thank you for having me as part of your group, for teaching me and thank you for making this experience so unique. You are a great teacher and I bow in respect!
— Corina Glavan, Swinburne University Masters Student
  • “Very worthwhile, prompted a complete re-think.” 
  • “Brilliant. You must attend if you are serious about starting up.” 
  • “A really valuable day that any startup really needs to participate in.” 
  • “It was all new thinking." 
  • "I learned an extraordinary amount about creating value in my startup."