Social media photography

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Social media photography is fresh imagery that captures and showcases your brand and community influence. Investors will research you online as part of their evaluation. Your digital presence impacts your credibility and acts as validation of market, industry, team and venture potential. 

Your profile photo is your digital first impression. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Choose appropriately per social media platform - selfies or a cropped photo from a recent wedding may be great on Facebook but LinkedIn, authored articles and guest speaker promotions require a professional headshot with backdrop, lighting and composure. Social media demands new new new so new profile photos are needed on a regular basis.

Event photos bring your brand to life enabling you to share community moments and milestones in news feeds around the world. Watching water-cooler conversations and new profile pics emerge from your gallery is watching your brand transform to being investor-ready.

Time and cost are the largest prohibitive factors to obtaining fresh quality photos. After many years of studying photography and being the unofficial photographer for friends preparing presentations, hosting industry events, organising social gatherings and putting new promotions together I am now putting an entry-level package together to help people get fresh quality photos for their digital footprint.

To get started, you only need one fresh profile photo.

New Profile Photo

Focusing on one look, receive all edited images taken within a 30-60 minute photo shoot with full copyright. Backdrops include white and black. Multiple poses, expressions and props encouraged.

NB: 'One look' refers to no change of clothes or hair. Hair and make-up styling is client responsibility prior arrival. This is deliberately a low-cost entry-level offer and not a full glamour shoot!

Event Photos

Choose 45 minutes of peak event time for guest photos. Includes venue and function photos where appropriate. Receive full copyright of edited photos.

NB: Events are typically Melbourne based, however interstate and offshore events may fit existing travel schedules.

Mobile Studio Photos

Think of your next event, workshop or group gathering... Imagine a mobile studio set up in the lobby or corner of your room where attendees can all receive a fresh profile photo. Either include per person cost in event ticket or simply let people know to 'dress investable' and they can decide on the day.

Perfect for company or group members that require a professional team look for their website or promotions. Brilliant for business and corporate events to give attendees a tangible take-away they'll tell people about!