You are in the business of launching

Every day. High growth entrepreneurs constantly launch themselves, products and opportunities by boldly plunging world-class opportunity assets into action with value exchanges in their ecosystem. And, they do it with little-to-no-money down.

launch opportunity assets

Opportunity assets are unique to high growth business models. They are the precisely defined resources high growth entrepreneurs transform into calculated new value during targeted value exchanges. 

High growth business models accelerate development, de-risk ventures and maximise stakeholder return and exit value through the deliberate design, build and leverage of opportunity assets. The secret is:

  • knowing which opportunity assets to invest your time, energy and resources in
  • knowing how to design high-value, low-risk opportunity assets
  • knowing when to build opportunity assets
  • knowing who to do value exchanges with

the High Growth launch methodology

High growth launch model rielly

Rather than launching a product to customers, high growth entrepreneurs launch an opportunity to their ecosystem. Grounded in cutting-edge, pure entrepreneurship science, the High Growth Launch sheds detail and gets you to focus on what really matters when launching people, products and opportunities. It is the FASTEST, most direct pathway to transform opportunity into a high growth venture.

What you launch is what you get

The High Growth Launch is not for everyone. Think of it like climbing the corporate ladder... In entrepreneurship, the rungs are concept, startup, growth and high growth. That is, design, build, growth and new value maximisation. If you aim for startup stage, your time, energy and resources are focused on getting you to stage two rather than thru stage two. The thing is, opportunities have a narrow window of opportunity and are in a constant state of evolution. Launching a product to customers is a fixed opportunity that may no longer be in existence by the time you get there.

When we instead launch an opportunity to our ecosystem that is aimed for high growth, we are prepared for evolutionary survival with a foundation that is designed and built to leverage chaos rather than succumb to it. In addition to being the fastest, most direct pathway to high growth, the high growth launch gets you in the strongest position to mitigate risk.

High growth business model

Your business model is what helps your ecosystem decide whether to invest their time, energy and resources into direct investment, a partnership, adopting your product or perhaps joining your team.

The High Growth Launch is an evolutionary program that systematically takes you through the design, build and leverage of your opportunity assets to their full potential value. The only thing you need is the signature psychological trait of high growth entrepreneurs - personal commitment to an opportunity.