About the Lecture Series

The aim of this Lecture Series is to increase your entrepreneurial capacity by developing the strategic, personal and tactical skills needed to design and build a high growth venture. The Lecture Series takes you through of the process of transforming a new or established idea into a viable opportunity and securing needed resources to be in high growth position.

During this Lecture Series, particular emphasis is given to alignment of self to an opportunity, establishing an unfair competitive advantage, revenue model evolution, attracting the right team, intellectual property and legal strategies, market adoption and growth, ecosystem relationship management, deal structures and stakeholder pitching.


High growth entrepreneurship

Opportunity assets

Entrepreneurship ecosystem

Value exchanges

Inventors' syndrome

Catalysing a community

New value creation

Signature psychological trait

Engaging ecosystem leaders

Being memorable

Art of wooing

Opportunity evaluation

What investors will not fund

15 attributes of an opportunity

Shifting to a position of strength

Assumptions that erode value

25 questions investors will ask

Scalable revenue models

The Lean Startup & BMC myth

Why you cannot 'do' a startup

Four stages of venture creation

What business you are really in

Types of revenue models

How to get to $50m valuation

Three teams

Producing world class documents

History matters

Strategic teams who have done it

Personal teams who support it

Tactical teams who build it

Intellectual Property

Do you tick the first check box of opportunity?

Sustainable power and control

Monetising IP without a patent

Production deal structures

Asserting power in corporation distribution deals

Blind side events


Doomsday sales strategies you’re using now

What people pay a premium for

Triggering network effects

Community marketing

Fast growth

Identifying deal targets

Commanding high value deals

Progressing deals to execution

Live deal structure from concept to proposition

Funding growth

Response to expect from investors

The investor value exchange

Investor success metrics and portfolio thinking

Valuation alignment

Creating exit value

How to talk to investors

Global growth

Going global without leaving home

Evaluating an offshore community

International trade fairs

Global relationships and commitment


After watching the full Lecture Series (10 episodes) you will increase your capacity to:

  1. Explain the fundamental relationship between invention and entrepreneurship.
  2. Distinguish an idea from a viable opportunity by performing an opportunity evaluation.
  3. Assess your personal alignment to a specified opportunity and understand the psychological challenges of entrepreneurship.
  4. Navigate the entrepreneurship ecosystem and increase your social capital.
  5. Analyse your market and industry to design an unfair competitive advantage for your new venture.
  6. Design a financial model that demonstrates your venture is capable of reaching a $50m exit valuation.
  7. Establish a focused support network spanning strategic, personal and tactical teams.
  8. Illustrate understanding of intellectual property and legal strategies.
  9. Identify resource gaps and execute deals to secure these resources.
  10. Develop market adoption and high growth strategies.
  11. Evaluate risk and devise mitigation strategies.
  12. Confidently pitch a value exchange to existing and potential stakeholders.