Entrepreneurship starts with an opportunity, not an idea. All too often, entrepreneurs fall passionately in love with their idea and move straight to execution, completely disregarding whether it is a potential opportunity or not. As resources are burnt, more and more commitment is applied and suddenly months or years have passed that all could have been averted with an objectivity check at the start. I refer to this very common scenario as inventors' syndrome. Where the rose-coloured glasses distort reality and as you know, you can't tell someone their baby is ugly. How often do you hear entrepreneurs say after pitching investors 'They just didn't get it!'? Yes, they did get it, the problem was that you were pitching an idea and not an opportunity. That was, until now!

You see, after years of lecturing in Opportunity Evaluation and observing how challenging and personal it is for an entrepreneur to transform their idea into an opportunity - particularly if they are already generating revenue, I designed and built the Opportunity Statement Generator. It breaks down the components of an opportunity into nine separate questions, then links your answers together to automatically form two sentences. If the sentences are grammatically correct, that is, you could comfortably and intelligently stand on stage and read it out loud - then you have an opportunity. If, on the other hand, the sentence doesn't quite make sense or is out of alignment - then you have an idea and not an opportunity, yet. Simply change and tweak your answers until an opportunity unfolds. It will take several attempts to refine and perfect it.

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