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High growth speaker series: Clinton Swaine on growth by stage time strategy

  • RMIT Swanston Academic Building Cinema Building 80, Level 1, Room 2 Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia (map)

Clinton Swaine has built a high growth venture with a growth by stage time strategy. He has spent over 10,000 hours on stage across five continents performing to thousands of people at a time. Clinton shares with you his secrets to immersing your audience into action that you can apply to your own venture immediately.

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At the age of 9, Clinton created his first financial game. This would give him the platform on which he would build his future. After attending University and earning three degrees in Arts, Business and Computing, he opened his computer business ‘Leiton Enterprises’. Over the next 10 years, he simultaneously ran Leiton Enterprises, a Games Club and later opened a game store called ‘Games Court’. After deciding that he did not want to keep relearning skills every four years to keep up with the computing industry, he sold his company and moved into investing.

As a result of some of the mistakes he made, and found common among others, he began building games to teach friends what not to do. Having already achieved massive success in business from owning a game store, an IT company and a large investment portfolio, Clinton returned to his love of creating games, and more importantly, Business Simulations.

In 2004 began ‘Millionaire’s Market’, which later evolved into Frontier Trainings. With a great love of history, his games cover a wide range of time periods and themes from Egypt on to Renaissance Times, from NASCAR to Rockstar concerts, and from and to everything in between.

In huge demand to deliver these simulations around the globe to large corporations and training companies, his current focus is traveling around the world with his signature “Play To Win” Program and serving his vast number of advanced students. 

Highly regarded as the top expert in this field. With over 200 business exercises in his portfolio and over 24 courses. There is no other organization in the world that has come close to matching his amount of programs and level of depth.

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About the series

The High Growth Speaker Series is dedicated to the strategic, tactical and psychological development of high growth entrepreneurs. Grounded in cutting edge entrepreneurship research and science, the series is designed and hosted by RMIT Lecturer and serial entrepreneur, Lauren Rielly.

  • RMIT’s Applied Entrepreneurship students receive a closed one hour lecture at 3.30pm each Tuesday. 
  • High growth speakers take the cinema stage at 4.30pm to share their story, wisdom and action steps. Each event in the Speaker Series has been made open to the public, for the first 50 people to RSVP. 
  • 5.30pm kicks off the entrepreneurship social event at Oxford Scholar Hotel.

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