Understand, learn and create the world you want. Now.

Investable entrepreneurs have accepted their call to adventure and are on the hero’s journey choosing their own story. They forge a path of their own into the unknown because to follow an existing path is to follow someone else’s path but every person has a unique place in life that only they can fill. We each need to live and share our own transformational story.

Sharing your story attracts your team – from co-founders, mentors, investors, partners and customers – with a contagious vision and passion that is driven with clarity and strength. Leading an entrepreneurial venture and inspiring others is not about how we deal with stress, it’s about how we deal with and impact people. We are not in the business of herding sheep, we are herding cats.

To attract people we must understand people and we do that by first looking at the world around us and then internally at ourselves. Remember, what we project is what we attract, which is why the entire process of attracting early stage investment starts with self. The ignition point is energy followed by the economics of how life works, and how people react to it, amidst chaotic reality.

People in the world hold different perspectives and different values and the way different parts of the world develop is, put simply, different.

Understanding oneself is a life-long journey. In fact, my CEO mentor, Neville Christie, once stated that his graduation will be his tombstone. Evolving beliefs, feelings, thinking and actions determine where we are at, where we are going and how we get there.

Some people are considered lucky.  Bo Peabody said luck was being smart enough to know when you are being lucky. He was on to something as science and folklore has known for many years – what you believe is what you create. It triggers a chain of events. If humans can move past the ego and find honesty in uncomfortable areas life just works.

Fear is life’s biggest inhibitor. Some people never move through or away from fear into self-confidence and positive energy. Dark and gloomy nay-sayers sabotage and drain the energy or ignition point of people and society. While ostracisation is known as the most effective form of changing unacceptable behaviour and tackling bullies, ostracising cancerous energy – taking away its fuel of attention and focus, stops it in its tracks. Integrity will prevail.

Intuition or gut feel is a source of non-local information we draw upon, in addition to our traditional five senses. Murray Gillin undertook research which shows our heart picks up and ‘knows’ information four-to-seven seconds before that information reaches our brain. The implications of this are enormous. Quantum physics in the seemingly unobservable and mechanical Newtonian world has been proven to be observable and accurate. In fact, intuition processes information at fifty million bits per second in contrast to cognitive functioning at a mere fifty bits per second. Thinking forty-nine million, nine-hundred and ninety-five times faster changes everything.

Relationships with other people are crucial for development. Creating family, business, societies and all in between. Understanding your own personality allows an objective perspective on your own world and how you interact with other people. Understanding brings patience and new development.

If we are thinking faster, there is more information being absorbed, more thoughts and data to organise, more to remember and greater creativity. Managing information overload has become a crucial life skill which Jennifer Goddard and Bill Jarrard have dedicated their lives to. It took Jennifer thirty minutes to help organise a decade of thoughts and experiences into one simple Mind Map.

Thinking without action is inaction and breaks the cycle of development. To create anything action is needed. Similar to relationships and understanding ourselves, then how we relate to those around us, understanding our personal preferences for action help us in action. Not only does it create action, the actions we undertake are faster, stronger and more impactful.

Life brings choices every day in the form of opportunities – whether we notice them or not. Learning how to identify and develop opportunities creates pathways. Ideas are not opportunities. Opportunities create and comprise of value. Without value, you are headed up the garden path.

There are eight core areas of value that are relevant to every area of life, society, economics and business. By focusing and developing opportunities in these areas of value, resources are inevitably created, by default, which may have felt impossible only moments before.  The cycle of development continues spanning concepts, creation, growth and sustainability or exit (depending on your end goal). Once you are aware of what constitutes and creates value, you will find it everywhere. While the vision may differ from happiness, food for survival or funding high level acquisitions, whether cross-culture, gender, generation or society, the areas of value are the same and all start with Self.

Passion is an unlimited source of energy from the soul that acts as a source of inspiration, igniting opportunity for happiness, courage and the potential to develop all the resources needed for sustainable life, business and planet.

Understanding yourself and the world occurs through stories, insights and self-tests, from learning about value within opportunities and how to develop them, as well as how to design and create new resources. Self-knowledge reveals your personal purpose and focus from which your vision is created and shared with the world.

It’s time to understand, learn and create the world you want. Now