Finding an investor is like getting married

It all starts with passion. Relationships are ignited with passion that produces an unlimited source of energy from the soul and creates the extraordinary. To unleash our passion in the world we must first know, love and believe in ourselves. The energy radiated into the world with direction and focus attracts potential partners who still think about you days, weeks and months after you shared your first moment together.

After meeting someone you are interested in, you’ll sit down by yourself later and give them 5-10 minutes of undivided stalking time. What you find will determine whether you contact them immediately or keep them on your ‘observing’ list in case you cross paths again.

Your digital first impression defines what happens next. You get a sense of a person’s background, focus, direction, credibility and you try to find out what their friends are like, what they do, where they go and what their character is like. You look for similarities and differences and see if you could picture a future with that person. If you like what you see the next step will be adding them on social media in the hope of finding out a little more and you’ll probably send a great-to-meet-you message.

Relationships take time to evolve and the whole getting-to-know-you phase begins. You’ll touch base to share updates on what’s happening in your world and also ask questions that help you learn and gain deeper insight into how that person thinks, feels and behaves, gradually peeling away layers. It comes time to take them out and you buy lunch or dinner as a symbol you value their time and energy and choose somewhere locally to them to make it easier to accept. Most importantly, information and energy exchange is just that – an exchange. It must go two ways. 

As time passes you both showcase your value in little snippets, meeting each other’s friends, visiting each other’s home, building trust and rapport and determining if you truly are aligned in values and vision as well as day-to-day life. You will both be evaluating the relationship and determining its likely future potential.

There will undoubtedly be tears and tantrums along the way. You will be forced to take a good, hard look at yourself and take personal responsibility for action and inaction. It will be confronting and liberating. If the relationship becomes toxic, you must leave, but if it helps you develop and grow as a person you realise it’s time to go ring shopping and make a commitment.

The proposal romances everything your partner loves and values that creates a spectacular and life-changing moment defined by one word – yes.

It has been the process of you and your now fiancé growing together that created your relationship and the opportunity to ask for commitment. The proposal formalised the intention to commit and your upcoming wedding will crystallise it. There is, however, still many months before your actual wedding day. Remember, you are not married until you are married.

What you have done is cut through the clutter of every other person on the planet, found someone who is willing to support your development and encourage others to do so as well. Be sure to celebrate your wedding day!

Like in a relationship where you spend your time wooing each other, the courtship cannot be forced and requires the dance of modern day romance. So when looking to raise funds, think carefully about who you want to woo, because when you go down that path and want to wed, you want to ensure it is for the right reasons. It takes time, energy and effort to separate from them when that time could be put on your business.
— Jonathan Krywicki, Pitch & Woo