Energising emerging businesses and communities



Lauren Rielly is a Melbourne-born, global entrepreneur who energises emerging businesses and communities to seize media, resourcing and network opportunities. She works with innovative CEOs of mid-sized companies, founders of startups and community leaders seeking social impact.

Lauren has founded and exited two global companies, lecturered in both Applied and Global Entrepreneurship at RMIT University and Opportunity Evaluation at Swinburne University, holds a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) and is a research assistant in personal commitment to entrepreneurship opportunities. 

Lauren has lived across the east coast of Australia, in Hong Kong, the Philippines and San Francisco and is determined to see a world where everyone has opportunity. 

Her quest to transform humanity through entrepreneurship has seen her run for government, establish a media venture, co-found The Safecrackers Club, design and build entrepreneurship education technology that is used in multiple universities, administer an early stage co-investment group and volunteer for more than a decade at the Bahay Bata street kids orphanage in Pampanga, Philippines. 

Lauren’s energy is her signature trait and acute focus is her approach. She uses the science of entrepreneurship to catalyse opportunity and applies context from her extraordinary life experience and life-long bonds to produce unimaginable outcomes. 





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