Distinct approach

The High Growth Launch expedites the design, build and leverage of high growth business models. The program is a living, community-based, transformational experience grounded in cutting edge entrepreneurship science. It is constructed to extract the full potential value of your opportunity in the fastest, most direct way.

The High Growth Launch is evolutionary, and facilitates the continuous strategic, psychological and tactical development of each perspective in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. It develops and aligns individuals through through targeted education, events and opportunity that you choose to seize, when you need it. It's supportive, reactive and revolutionary.

Use the HIGH Growth business model technology

The High Growth Business Model has been transformed into a systematic, step-by-step development technology that structures the design, build and leverage of the opportunity assets you need to launch. The process takes four hours one-on-one, or one-day in a group setting with the action-on-the-go approach resulting in a high growth draft of your:

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Join the High GrOwth clan

Community gatherings bring together high growth entrepreneurs, investors, educators, mentors, advisors, corporations, government, media and industry as your focused support network to launch opportunity. Our clan is an offline deal flow platform to do value exchanges in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Safecrackers Club is where high growth entrepreneurs mingle the mischief and get direct access to the people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem needed for high growth deals. Our Club House is located at Melbourne's Old Treasury Building where we host seasonal cocktail parties. 

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The High Growth Speaker Series brings our community together on a weekly basis at RMIT University. Cutting edge entrepreneurship research and science is delivered by Lauren Rielly followed by a guest speaker who shares their story, wisdom and action steps to high growth that you can apply to your own opportunity immediately.

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The Speaker Series Social Drinks gives our community opportunity to learn direct from our high growth speakers and each other after the stage performance. 

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The high growth launch: The fastest, most direct way to launch people, products and opportunities.

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